2006|12|28 Andy Gregory pres. Global Progression 002


Nov 16, 2006
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Hey everyone hope you all had a good Christmas :)

I'll not be around tonight as I'm off out in a bit, so apologies in advance for not updating the tracklist as we go along. I'll post it as soon as I get in, if I'm not staggering about :LMAO:

Hope you all enjoy the show @ 23:00-00:00 GMT


(edit) ok here's the tracklist guys, sorry again for not being around last night and thank you for those who tuned in and for the comments. Now that the holiday season is nearly over I should have no problem making the rest of my shows.

01. Alex Monakhov - Feel Lonely (Original Mix) [Coldharbour]
02. Eluna - Severance (Eluna's Trancefer Mix) [Enhanced]
03. Markus Schulz Departure-Without You Near (Coldharbour Remix) [Coldharbour]
04. Mads Arp ft Julie Harrington - Slow it Down (Mathilda Mix) [Black Hole]
05. Cressida & Kris O'Neil ft Marc Starr - Starlight (Bass Angel Remix) [MPFS]
06. Holmes Ives ft Laura Burhenn - Charcoal Love (Noel Sanger Dub) [Ova]
07. Amnesia Bros - Immersion (Original Mix) [Deepblue]
08. Nick Thompson & Spekuless - Deep Level Lines (Elevation Mix) [Realmusic]
09. Freek Geuze pres. Gues - Signs (Latigidi Sees Signs Remix) [Shah Music Digital]

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Tuned in! nice noise! :)
I think im really liking this proggy set :)