2006|8|11 Sean Tyas' Phased Out Phriday 002


Aug 8, 2006
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Hey guys, next episode of Phased Our Phriday airs this friday 11th of August at 6-8PM EST USA, 11 PM - 1 AM GMT!!

hope you enjoy!!


1. supesr 8 - get off
2. e-craig - home
3. JOC - Elevator Dance Off
4. Selu Vibra - divine (tyas rework)
5. id - id (giuseppe ottaviani remix)
6. sean tyas - lift
7. legend b - lost in love (sean tyas remix)
8. true form - forbidden colors (tyas rework)
9. nu NRG - last experience (giuseppe ottaviani remix)
10. id-id
11. filthy rich- the one (sean tyas rework)
12. seb b-mass noise (tyas rework)
13. sander van doorn - punk'd (tyas remix)
14. bubblefish - stars of ibiza (tyas remix)
15. kuffdam and plant - dreammakers (activa rework)
16. jochen miller - chromatic (alex morph remix)
17. jon o'bir - ascendancy (alex morph and woody van eyden remix)
18. insigma - open your eyes (tyas rework)
19. tania mann & peter dafnous - remote kontrol (tyas rework)
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Can't wait for this Sean, you're an awesome producer and I loved your first show, I'll be looking forward to it mate.

~DJ Jorda
Sean tyas great!! I cant miss it
im gonna stay up listening to this for sure!! Ill bet it be wicked!!

Greets :)

20 mins left :D:D :choon:
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feel free to slap me round the face with a wet fish for missing the start.....tuned in now

:choon: LIFT :D:D