2007|01|08 Magik - Lost In Trance 030

hello everyone:super: :super:

Vicky it's you on the decks?:p:

this part is now the guestmix from phoenix....we have about 15 minutes left now
totally caught by this massive show I am almost unable to type on the keyboard
:respect: Magik&Phoenix w00t!

hello Italia:super: by the nick you look from Italy:p:
ok my friends, need to go to, time to sleep:p:

nice set Vicky(Magik):super: :super:
I like your selection musical and as you play ;)

<3 <3 Stenna - Skyline (Arizona Mix)<3 <3 anthem! tune tune tune!!

thats all for this week....back next week with a normal 1hr show....thanks to phoenix for the guestmix....

ciao ciao

big massive thank you Magik and Phoenix for playing this 120 fantastic minutes set!
:respect: enjoyed it big time

thanks again for the music and nite nite everyone
Great job Magik and Phoenix! U guys ROCK!
It was an amazing show!

Vicky, I couldn´t make it, a lot of job keep me very busy...! :(