2007|01|12 Sean Tyas presents Phased out Fhriday


May 6, 2006
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Sean Tyas presents Phased out Fhriday (January mix)




Sean Tyas got his start in 1999 with his first set of Tech-12s and started to learn how to mix music. But for him, this was not enough. In the coming couple of years, he put together a studio and began producing records as well. By the age of twenty six, he has already remixed artists such as Christina Aguilera, Pink, Moby, Daniel Bedingfield, Christina Milian, and PPK. During this time he got his start into professional DJing with clubs in NYC such as Shelter and Exit.

Moving to Europe proved to be a great move for Sean, doing all production for DJ Beam in Germany and building his experience as a studio producer. Eventually Sean decided to step away, concentrated much more on his own productions and remixes. "Mirella" was the product of this exodus, as it was promptly signed to Afterglow Recordings, seeing John Askew and Dave Joy remixes. This led to a followup remix of Duderstadt - Muhanjala, which has seen almost every playlist of any trance DJ this year, including Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk.

The hype on his up-coming Discover single "Lift", has just been even more amplified by Sean's winning of the Sander van Doorn - Punk'd Remix Competition, beating out over 250 other remixes. Due out mid-summer, Lift promises to be Sean's biggest release to-date. Coming from the energetic trance side of things has given Sean a slight edge when choosing emotional tracks. Now he has reached even deeper into the real "dance your ******* ass off" Tech Trance.


1. acdc - thunderstruck (intro)
2. will holland vs six se^nses - frantic (tyas remix)
3. bryan kearney- more to life
4. Warrior-if your want me (paul webster remix)
5. blake jarell vs dane cook - dude i just wanna dance (tyas rework)
6. carl b featuring breaking benjamin - diary of jane (tyas rework)
7. dave 202 torrent
8. dave 202 - rain against her
9. Id-Id (Samuelzone remix)

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starts soon..

look on main forum for next 5 shows
Recognizes this first hour of the set he did at Monday Bar last Friday. Only Lift missing.
Darn, that was a good party.
lookin for this set, anyone knows where can I download it ?