2007|01|15 Ida Engberg Presents Bassic With OzgurCan Guest Mix

Finally someone who makes me feel like I'm worth more than 5 bucks!:) :) :)

Thanks Config
:welcome: to forums IDA and everyone new..

how much was a kiss again? what if im better looking? discount?
awesome tune now!

upps last one of ida set, now to ozgur set
I've really enjoyed the 1st part of the show :)

Now for Ozgur Can

Discounts... I'm not sure, the prices are really cut down and cutting them down even further might be hard ;)

I'm off guys, got to do some work. It's been a pleasure. See you guys soon.

Finally someone who makes me feel like I'm worth more than 5 bucks!:) :) :)

Thanks Config

well i will bite a little and say also that hello strings and external key are for me the best of the best of 2005!

and thats not even recalling older and new stuff! you are and amazing producer man!
Thanks bro!

I'll do my best 2007, hopefully I can bring contribute with some nice pieces to the world of electronic music.
Baby you're worth whole universe...

Thanks for welcoming me, I'm very glad to have been invited to play here!
Thank You, looking forward to your future shows :)
here comes the playlist

It's only music- Fuckpony
Paspd- Samim
Reachin out- The timewriter (Dave Spoon mix)
August in Paris- Jennifer Cardini and Shonky
What I fake- Phonique
Neon- Spencer Parker (Guy Gerber and David K mix)
Modena- Radioslave
Erferding Berlin- Oliver Koletski and Florian Meindl
Take me out- Thomas Schumacher
First Stroke- John Aquaviva pres Swen Weber (Oliver Moldan remix)
Here is Özzes playlist also,

1. todd terje - glittertind
2. antena - camino del sol (joakim remix)
3. chateau flight - baltringue
4. jesse rose alongside henrik schwarz - stop look listen (jesses version)
5. deep child - no disgrace
6. özze - untitled
7. deeburn - down down (özze remix)
8. rekorder 7.1
9. mum - we have a map of the piano (özze edit)
10. moby - porcelain (matthias tanzmann mix)
11. deep child - machinedrum
Porcelain woohoo love it!