2007|01|23 John Hetmond pres Yarosh during One Night Show episode 8

John Hetmond

Oct 2, 2006
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Hi ! I've decided that from time to time i'll play the sets from the young dj's who are really talented. So tonight - at first time you won't hear my set !

Tonight I have a special guest in my broadcast. It's dj Yarosh - really talented dj from Ostroleka in Poland. He's playing for four years now and he's doi'n really good. He feels the music , well know what should be played in which moment.

So well mixed, progressive, 1H set called "Martas Turkey" from Yarosh.

Enjoy the beautiful sounds!
John Hetmond

1. Can Costa & Kosmas Epsilon - Che Malakita (D-Nox & Beckers Remix)
2. Clubbervision - Heart And Brain (Original Mix)
3. D-Nox - Seven Hours
4. Snake Sedrick - Aha (Jaytech Remix)
5. IIo - Is It Love (Starkillers Remix)
6. Xplosiva & Luca Baldini - Polivox (Madox)
7. Paolo Mojo - Motor Strings (Jamie Anderson Remix)
8. Ils - Angels (Teddy Tinkleman Remix)
9. Andro & Snake Sedrick Pres Ass - Cinnamon (Clubbervision Remix)
10. Greed feat. Lesley - Promises (Kasey Taylor Remix)
Looks good, I'll give it a listen when its on, which for those who don't know is....

12pm Eastern
5pm UK
6pm CET

Nice stuff so far :)
wow.....hey this show is sounding really good :biggrin:
9. Andro & Snake Sedrick Pres Ass - Cinnamon (Clubbervision Remix)

That does say "Presents Ass" doesnt it?

Thanks 4 listening i'm glad that U liked... dzięki za przesłuchanie pozzdrawiam..
Poot your ass on my progress!!!!