2007|01|27 Ian Holing - Mind Trance 004


May 29, 2006
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2007|01|27 Ian Holing - Mind Trance 004 With Zirenz

Hello people!
Today is my birthday! and maybe cause that I'm inspired, I promise tracks which you haven't listen to yet but which will be great ch00ns, nice mixes and imo my best set since I'm mixing.

This month upcoming tracks from Serenade, Joop, Amex, St Rush, JPL, me and many more!

And our special guest is Cat'n'Bex aka Zirenz

Today is the fourth episode of my show on afterhours!

some info at:

Ian Holing tracklist were updated in realtime:

*00 Introduction
*01 System K - We Need a V (Tribute For Vendetta Mix) [CDR] [EXCLUSIVE!]
*02 Tenthu pres. Slimherticz - Cool Down (Original Mix) [Novascape] [TBA]
*03 Elitist vs Ian Holing - Conqueror (Original mix) [CD-R] [EXCLUSIVE!]
*04 The Originators feat. Tomomi Ukumori - Your Dawn (Original Mix) [SevenSenses]
*05 Leon Bolier Pres. Percursor - Lyra (Joop Mix) [2Play]
*06 Amex vs Saint Rush - Distant Worlds (Original Mix) [CDR] [EXCLUSIVE][TRACK OF THE MONTH!]
*07 Enjoy vs. Punisher - Energized (Club Mix) [Sony BMG]
*08 E.V.O.K - Glime Of Sorrow (Original Long Mix) [Diverted Recordings] [TBA]
*09 Joni feat. Kate Smith- Undivided (JPL Club Mix) [Asgard]
*10 Steven Force - Perfect Humanity feat Stefano Forcelloni (Original Mix) [CDR] [EXCLUSIVE!]
*11 Him - The Sacrament (Serenade Add Rhythm Mix) [CDR] [EXCLUSIVE!]

And today our special guest is... Cat'n'Bex aka Zirenz

Cat'n'Bex aka Zirenz tracklist:

1. Loverush uk! Meets Kirsty Hawkshaw – LoveRush (Original mix) [CDR]
2. Zirenz – Utopia (Gavyn Mytchel 003 Remix) [Mondo Records]
3. Ian Holing – Harmonic Noise (Original Mix) [RealMusic Recordings]
4. Derek The Bandit and Beyond Vision Vs Zirenz [CDR]
5. Aurosonic – Azure Coast (Renoise Remix) [RealMusic Recordings]
6. Amnesia Bros – Immersion (Cerf and Mitiska Remix) [DeepBlue Records]
7. DJ Choose – Lucite (Dub Version) [F&W Records]
8. Aria Project – Tears Of An Angel (Hemstock & Jennings Dub Vox Remix) [Binary Finary Recordings]
9. Zirenz – Edge Of Space (Whiteroom Remix) [Mondo Records]

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U know i'll be there mate , cant wait to this summer bro hehe !:itsme:
Happy Birthday Ian!

Looks to be another great show from you and your guests!
wow... *06 Amex vs Saint Rush - Distant Worlds (Original Mix) [CDR] [EXCLUSIVE][TRACK OF THE MONTH!] very nice :wow: