2007|01|28 Miric vs. Magik Celebration of Infinite Groove Ep. 10 Dirty House Session

Rated "R" - Frequent sexual references!
should we rate this set 1-10 scale/sexy-ness and dirty-ness of course it gets 10 out of 10!!
Cicada - The Things You Say (Dirty South Remix)

Choon Alert!

tune now!!
what a show hey..just like I expected....awesome!
do you like my dirty sound?
09. Terranova & Austin Leeds - Dirty Sound (Dirty Detroit Mix)

Do you like this dirty sound?
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ending with a porn star on the lyrics!
11. R-Type - 18teen (Maurice Noah Remix)

last dirty track guys ;)
Magik & Miric...lol :lolz: what I am going to do with you...this dirty feeling will last long and assuming I have to go outside in 2 hours everyone will notice it..lol :biggrin:
anyway thank you very very much for this special episode,it has been really wicked,dirty,sexy and groovey!
Keep the awesome work going on,looking forward to hear the next episode
Thanks again for the tunes and nite everyone
Thank you Stella and Magik. glad you enjoyed this awesome show, thank you everyone for tunining in.

I will put the download links up in few days. Stay chooned on Dancestate.com and myspace.

till next time ;)

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