2007|02|06 DJ Exir - Addicted in Trance 027

DJ Exir

Sep 8, 2006
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Heres your tracklist of episode 27!

01 - Serenade - Nova (Giorgio Ponticelli Rmx)
02 - Smith & Pledge - White
03 - Six Senses - From The Heart (Activa Rmx)
04 - Strings of Harmony - Sadness (John B Nomrmans 12" Mix)
05 - Graham Gold - Culebra (Calm Seas Mix)
06 - Terry Bones - Forbidden Ways (George Hales Rmx)
07 - Evasie - Rae Of Sun (Original Mix)
08 - Kuffdam & Plant - Dreammakers (Original Mix)
09 - Ronald van Gelderen - This Way (Rank 1 Rmx)
10 - Mike Shiver & Marc Damon - Water Ripples (Mike Shivers Catching Sun Mix)
11 - E-Notion - Deep Water
Thanks a lot for the track list it is appreciated.
well here we go again - and with a track list as well
what a bright and beaty start track
gotta rack it up straight away - brill sound
Next time please add tracklist during or after the show. Thanks. :bath:
well transition was perfect after a brilliant intro track and we have another
brill one to follow (gonna grab a bite to eat)
was going for some thing to eat but I'll stick around starving for a bit

great stuff btw Dj Exir
Was expecting a reply but cant wait forever, my stomach thinks my
throat is cut.

carry on with the great stuff Exir, you'll get my vote everytime.
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is that the new rule or something you are starting again.

Dj's usually do. It is professional. But basicly every new track will be a suprise. People feel excited for what track is comming next. Also ppl will have prejudices when tracklist is already posted.

After all it isnt forbidden to post a tracklist too early. :rolleyes:
I love these older sounds of trance..
This guy normally posts his list early and to me I can do without the surprise
prefer to know whats coming.

and they have all been great tracks so far - brill
He is as professional as you will get - transitions so good.
another brill track handled perfectly
Thanks for a great show - it was worth my long wait to hear you
again - excellent work