2007|02|07 Karybde & Scylla pres. Pure Trance Pleasure 012 (Guest: Ernesto & Bastian)

seems to be Tommy Nash - Fever.... don't move... i check that immediatly

Wippenberg - Promised land (Spheara Dub)
nice.... and interesting
great show Karybde & Scylla and Ernesto vs Bastian !:p :super: see you for the next PTP :) :hello:
and this the end of PTP 012..... Hope You enjoyed this 2 hours of mixing show with one exclusive hour by Ernesto Vs Bastian...

As Usual, you will be able to download this set and all the other on www.karybdeandscylla.com in the DOWNLOAD section.... in a few hours...

See You in 2 weeks Mates for another great PTP show with another exclusive guest !

Thanx for listening ! Byyyye !
Good mix and interesting exclusive guest. I really enjoyed it.
I'm sure that next one will be great so I will enjoy it. :)
Take care!