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2007|02|11 Miric presents Infinite Groove Episode 011


Jul 17, 2006
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Hola everyone!

Welcome to Episode 011 of Infinite Groove!
This episode will feature fresh tunes from
Austin Leeds, Robbie Rivera, Alex Santer
and more. Tune in and enjoy! :wink:

Tracklist will be provided during the show.


01. Greg Jeroenski And Roog - Your Mind Is Twisted (Peter Gelderbloom Remix)
02. Eric Prydz Vs Pink Floyd - Proper Education (Noah Gibson 2007 Edit)
03. Starkillers - Scream (Dub Mix)
04. Koishii, Hush - Time After Time feat. Catherine McQueen (Alex Santer Solar mix)
05. Austin Leeds And Medway - Reaction (Martin Accorsi Remix)
06. Gregor Salto - Viajar feat. Helena Mendes (DJ Madskillz Jah Remikz)
07. Austin Leeds and Nick Terranova - Silhouette (3rd Street Mas Mix)
08. Coburn - I Get My Kicks (Robbie Rivera Remix)
09. Allan Ramirez - Insert Coin
10. Robbie Rivera - Insanity (DJ Rooster And S Peralta Mix)
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tuned in :)
Hehe seems like you've spotted the Noah Gobson Edit ;)
Rivera Chooooon
Thanks for the show!
nice show mr miric :)
catching now a replay of this show:smile:
bit of singalong...Proper education
.....Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone!....
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