2007|02|15 hyline - dark grooves


Sep 14, 2006
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01. I Need Something Stronger - Unkle - ???
02. My Computer Boy - Ladies on Mars - BIT Records Mexico
03. So Come Close - Rui Da Silva - Kismet Records
04. Toltec - Jondi & Spesh - Black
05. Mystery of the Giant Squid - Jondi & Spesh - Bedrock
06. It´s My Time - Presslaboys - Presslaboys
07. I am The Cookie -Panty Hoes - Looq
08. Crack - Moshic - Contrast
09. Division - Indigo - EQ Grey
10. Fragments of Movement - DJ Thee-O - BIT Records Mexico
11. Circus Parade - Twzted Nation - KULT
12. Love - Twizted Nation - KULT
13. Desonidos - Killfish - Shrimps & Chips
14. Pedros - Killfish - Shrimps & Chips
15. The Lights - Underground Sound of Lisabon - ???
16. In the Moon - DJ Bia - Acute Recordings
17. Egyption Drums - Benny Blazin - Knob Records
18. Motherland - Benny Blazin - Knob Records
19. Living in Hell - Logiztik Sounds - Acute Recordings
20. The Flood - Cysco Nasa - Tropic Records
21. Resident Sex Slave - Jeff Belfi - Ascension Records
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nice eye !!

cant wait for this show !
but more i cant wait for germany in the mix haha

going to dentist soon :)
nice eye !!

cant wait for this show !
but more i cant wait for germany in the mix haha

going to dentist soon :)

It isnt the first time in a little while you went to the dentist eh?..

Creepy start.. :evil:
verry verry Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wow: :p :love: :love:

is there from you which to the Download?
Hello XTC4Life,

I can understandung your wishes, but there is more then one Sound who declares the hole electronic Music. Eyeryone DJ has a own style and this one is my style:

This kind of music – my music – is what I call deep dark progressive in an adult way. To explain a little bit more, I’d like to quote myself:

“It is just wonderful to hear this music, feel this music and live this music. Music that always pushes to upper limits, that takes you on a trip. It touches you, it gives you moments of unbelievable feelings. Music that is just present without driving you nuts. Music that gives you new things all the time. Music for your mind, your body and your soul.”
Hello Kanzler,

yes no problem, write me a PM here.

Thanx for your lovly words :loveah:
OK full accept, but the variety of the electronic music makes it so interesting

Wish you a good night mate.

hyline :ah:
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catching right now a replay of this show and I like it lots!
ciao :smile:
Hello Stella,

thanx a lot :)

Are you driving to Tauchers B-Day this weekend?
Are you driving to Tauchers B-Day this weekend?

:smile: wish I could come. I bet it will be a cool event/party
I have been in Germany just 2 weeks ago and is always a pleasure go to my country of birth.

btw I am still tuned in an listening to this show,I will make sure to catch the next one and of course I will be tuned in for Germany in the Mix!