2007|02|15 Magik - Lost In Trance 033

Vicky Wood

May 25, 2006
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Re-scheduled due to the Y-Catch Meets Afterhours event on Monday


01. Late Night Alumni - Empty Streets (Seamus Haji
& Paul Emmanuel Remix)
02. Karen Overton - Your Loving Arms (Original Club Mix)
03. Jose Amnesia feat. Jennifer Rene - Louder (Original Mix)
04. Mads Arp feat. Julie Harrington - Slow It Down (Mathilda Mix)
05. Headstrong feat. Tiff Lacey - The Truth (David West Progressive Mix)
06. Kenneth Thomas feat. Colleen Riley - Ghost In The
Machine (Original Mix)
07. Anna Nalick - Breathe (Blake Jarrell Remix)
08. Mark Norman pres. Celine - Colour My Eyes (Global Experience Mix)
09. DT8 Project - Hold Me Till The End (12 Inch Mix)

Thanks everyone for tuning in.
Next show will be back to my normal slot on Monday!
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I've made a nice progressive vocal set for this weeks show

Had a bad valentines day...?

Well.....this is sure to cheer you up!
Anyone can send a url to the exact location of a set or track so that we can airplay it on our outlets...

send info to

contact at tranceelements dot com

See evryone at Trance Energy 2007!

Chief of Trance
OH!:( I´ll be busy this time! sorry Vicky!:)
ok here we go ladies and gentlemen.....enjoy :)
tuned in and listening to your show Vicky
w00t w00t
Put your loving arms around me...
Your Loving Arms such a massive tune!
you awesome dj Magik and your shows are always great. Like lots these vocal songs

thanks guys :)

30mins more to come!
Ghost In The
Thanks everyone for tuning in.
Next show will be back to my normal slot on Monday!
:itsme: sweet list. Many vocal ones :)

I might be able to Magik next time :)
w00t thank you very much for playing this massive show Vicky,tunes galore&plenty of great sounds

\o/ \o/ looking forward to the next Lost in Trance episode!
ciao ;)
Oh darn darn i missed your show :( sorry. Great tracklist though! i will be sure to catch the replay.

the last epizod of lost in trance was wonderful!
I want more!