2007|02|23 - Abstraction Records pres. Natural Trance vol. 014 with DJ Eric Flash

a very successful start, I hope the set continues so well! :motz:
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mmmm great song. What's the name this track?
Good climate keep it up...! ;) I hope, that won't be missing tracklist...

Already end? ueh :(
I am waiting on tracklist... So much interesting tjuns around I must have her ;)
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16B Feat Morel - Escape (Omid's Full Vocal Mix)
Cressida - The Sceret Ingredient (Original Mix)
Central Rush - Out of Focus (Illegally Blind Remix)
Sound Fiction - Hydrolove (Original Mix)
Karen Overton - Your Loving Arms (Markus Schulz Remix)
Deepest Blue - Give it Away (Club Mix)
Chicane Feat. Marie Brannan - Saltwater (Album Mix)
Above & Beyond - Good For Me (King Roc Vocal Mix)