2013 Year mix - Part 2 (Pure mix)


Dec 14, 2011
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Part 2 of 2013 year mix focuses on the top 20 (in no particular order) pure trance tracks of 2013. Some of the tracks are from established producers whereas some are from new and upcoming producers. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride '-'

Humbled and grateful to have an opportunity to mix such amazing tracks!

The 2013 year mix series is dedicated to all the trance producers for their amazing productions. Without you guys, my show would not exist!

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Track list:

1. Pacifique (Original mix) - Orkidea

2. Sunrise (Original mix) - Gal Abdul

3. Turquoise (Original mix) - Christopher Vassilakis

4. Small something (Original mix) - Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland

5. Utopia (Original mix) - Phase Difference

6. Madness feat. Avis Vox (Exclusive Club mix) - Moonbeam vs. Avis Vox

7. Skyscrape (Original mix) -4Frame

8. Orbion (Original mix) - Glance

9. If not then what (Original mix) - Meridian

10. More than Binary (Original mix) - Dominic Von Francois

11. Kelevra (Original mix) - Naden

12. The Light (Original mix) - Alter Future

13. Beautiful Change (Original mix) - SNR & Rikkaz feat Jan Johnston

14. The Sunlight (Original mix) - Janlin

15. Shattered (Original mix) - Luigi Lusini

16. Better half of me (Original mix) - Den Rize

17. Hand in Hand (Original mix) - Aerial

18. Lost my way (Original mix) - Harry Square

19. Illusions (Original mix) - Temple One

20. Slowmotion II (Winkee Remix) - Orkidea & Solarstone

Thanks and best wishes for a happy new year
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