21-02-2011 Gary Maguire - State of Mind 020

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feelin' good bjerre ? : )) :music:
Yes :grinning:

Working a little and now soon on my way to the office :)

And you - having a good morning, Ella?

..considering that the last 2 weeks I slept few hours and this night only 2,I guess I have a good morning : )) even if I'm tired a little bit : ) well, have a good day then :friends:
That's not enough, Ella :) Sleep is very important... work or just not able to sleep?


insomnia :megacrazy: I don't know why/what is happening with/to me :mask::music:
Great track :lol:

But not great for you ... maybe you should go for a long run every day - and drink camolille tea :) Could help ...

I dont like tea...:hmmm:...:music: away without you - sonic element:love:
:wave: bye ,take care :friends: