21-04-2008 DJ Distant Land - Monthly Fresh Tunes Mix 049

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yeah! Kamil Polner - Earth Protect (Vast Vision Remix)

my personal nr 3 atm! :)

I was travelling around so I didn't really have to time to listen to internet radio ;)

Love that track thats running right now :super::super:

So do I buddy. good set 'tll now for me. :grinning:
Is that song of gate 42 you played last show released? cant find any info about it :mask:

Suppose to be released today! Dont know what happend..

Gate 42 - Pink/Violet EP
This release will be available as limited 12", Download and CDr single.
Whats the current track ID?

01. Thomas Jacobsen - Shine (Original Mix) [Only One Records]
02. Ricky M - Solo (Original Mix) [Avalanche Records]
03. Outer Space - Sir Etok (Original Mix) [CDR]
04. Cartel - Buenos Aires (Original Mix) [Captivating Sounds]
05. Kamil Polner - Earth Protector (Vast Vision Remix) [Alter Ego Pure]
yo dl
remember tht track during tyas's set tht no1 knew. did u fond out wat it was?
Time to fix a new flyer DL Nice transitions chilly trancy music :grinning: