21-06-2008 Firestorm - Future State 003

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vacation? me almost:) i'm fine :hug::super::super:
the nice ..you miss alot of good music today... starting with Ronny K... it's been a great day here today... :grinning:
yeah,been too busy
planning World War III...

oooh that sound very complicated. Who wiil be the enemy and who the allied for you and me?:mask:

Portugal against Spain & Greece?:mask::mask::mask:

* ON AIR Firestorm - Future State 003 on AH.FM *

yoooooo friends
need the name of that uber track on now...:wow::wow:

:cap: good evening rothgar :hug:

:dancing: nice to see you again ! :smile1:​
very very nice set :super: :choonalert:
these tunes are like awesome..... from start to finish... great job guys.,.,.,.,.,.
pitching up a lil :mml: