21-07-2013 Veselin Tasev - Digital Trance World 280

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Jul 27, 2007
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Veselin Tasev
Veselin Tasev
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Real Name: Veselin Tasev

Genres: Progressive / Trance
Profile: DJ and Produre. Founder of TCD Recordings


01. Kara Sun - I Like It (Ferrin & Morris Remix) [Digitized]
02. Kelly Andrew - The Incursion (Ikerya Project Club Remix) [Abora]
03. Lost Emotions feat. Anthya - Heal (Mike van Fabio Remix) [Silent Shore White]
04. Rusch & Murray feat. Jessica Murray - Shield Of Hearts (Dreamy Banging Remix) [Alter Ego Progressive]
05. Darren Porter & Manuel Le Saux - Stormchaser [Extrema Global Music]
06. Solar Sky - Star Travelling (Original Mix) [Crystal Source]
07. Touchstone & Ian Standerwick - She's Wonderful (Photographer Remix) [Digitized]
08. Suncatcher - Midnight City [Enhanced]
09. Ana Criado and Adrian & Raz - How Will I Know (Daniel Kandi & Dennis Pedersen Extended Remix) [Adrian & Raz]
10. Dreamy - Clover (Original Emotional Mix) [Defcon]
11. Mobil - One Morning (Paul Vinitsky True Mix) [Vendace]


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:wow: Unexpected early start ! :confused: :mml:

:captain: Hello Folks ! :grinning: :wave:

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danmark_ori, Julius2043, SUNNY TOMORROW+, boww!
Tuned here.
nice start.
damn ...too late

was it Ferrin & Morris?
btw, Vesco promised be with us :bravo:where is our maestro??? :unsure:

unfortunately i have no the tracklist...
Kelly Andrew - The Incursion (Ikerya Project Club Remix) [Abora]
nice & banging.