21-09-2010 Unearthed Records - Warning Contains Trance 019

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Classic track!!
I love Fisher, please tell it to her. :wub: My love rains down on her. :wub:
George Acosta feat Fisher = Rain down!
Lovely vocal from Fischer. She really does have a sweet voice to listen to.
is this the Original Mix?
1366 Listeners ~ Unearthed Records presents Warning Contains Trance 019 on AH.FM

:: George Acosta feat. Fisher - Love Rain Down (Original Mix) [Songbird] ::

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Real Name: Kathleen Fisher

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

George Acosta
George Acosta
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Real Name: Jorge Luis Acosta

Aliases: Acco Traxx, DJ Boom, Frolic, Groove Man (3), King Of The South, The, Onnyx, Space Girl (2), Wax Head, The

In Groups: M.A.G., M.O.N.M., Planet Soul, Shadow Warriors, Squad, The (2), Trance Cowboys, Tuff Bros., The

Location: Miami, Florida, United States