21-11-2007 Joni Ljungqvist - External Art

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great now Im tuned to Joni :)

how are u?

I'm fine thank you? How's you? And how is everybody else in here?

I'm guessing people will ID the next one on your own :choon:
great classic tune Filterheadz - Yimanya this track still live :) :) :)
Im good, the music is good, so all is good :)
:choonalert::choon::choonalert::choon::choonalert::choon: :rofl::clap::clap::bananadance::bananadance::dancing::dancing::dancing:

great now Im tuned to Joni :)

how are u?

Me doing fine ..TY.

Btw ... just crossed my mind .. another way of spelling magic is Magyck

( you can give it a thought if U want to ) :smile1:
great show Joni :) :) :)
good good :D finally we got the sun today:super:

are u still waiting for snow? :tongue:
of course :lol: but won't see any this week, maybe next one :mml:
anyway i want snow for christmas :) christmas without snow are not christmas :mask:
Thanks guys!

06. JPL - Colder Than You
07. Joni - Untitled.

Hey everyone. For the next show, which will be the closing show and last show for this season, I want everyone to send in their tune-requests to me. If you want me to play a tune, please send it in, and the ones which are the most requested, I'll play! You can PM me on here, on myspace or in other ways heh.