21-11-2010 Eunostos - Club Nights 022

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15 minutes before this show... I was listening to songs about hatred and contemplating mixing a 'Hatred' set. But I wanted to catch this show. :music:

Hope you like it dude. :choon:

Tuned in and enjoying the set so far...

Great release by Adiva. amazingly repimped by Orjan Nilsen and Mr. Pit. great combination. :music:
That's a great idea Wailo! :friends:

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Hello Everyone! :friends:

Glad you took the time to be here online ! :bravo:

Cool start Eunostos! :super: :music: :super:

Hi MARCO nice Family Photo :) 3 HERO heh :megacrazy::friends:
896 Listeners : Dutch Tilt : Eunostos - Club Nights 022 on AH.FM

Tracklist so far!:
01.- Mike Foyle & DNs Project - Cayo norte
02.- Adiva - Desired Love (Orjan Nilsen vs Mr. Pit Repimp)
03.- Dean Newton - Dutch Tilt :music::music::music: