21-12-2007 Abstraction Records - Natural Trance with DJ Ira

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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Abstraction Records pres. Natural Trance

DJ Ira (Ukraine)



To find out more about this event or to submit a track to be featured in the show, log on to Abstraction Records at http://www.abstractionrecords.co.uk

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This evening in the Natural Trance you will hear exclusive Live-mix from Ukrainian producer Renov8 a.k.a. Yevgeniy (Eugene) E. Bednik


Renov8 a.k.a. Yevgeniy (Eugene) E. Bednik has been fond of electronic music from the early days of such bands as MoDo, etc. Yevgeniy was born in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine in 1982, and moved to Los Angeles at the age of 13. At the age of 15, he realized that he not only loved to listen to melodic rhythms, but also wanted to create his own tunes. Having no musical education and no real synthesizers to play around with, he used his computer to learn how to produce his own sounds. This gave him the start and feel of a rhythm.

It was very hard to learn the countless techniques and nuances of producing a quality electronic track, but he went forward, slowly getting the gear needed, and finally he achieved support from the likes of Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Solarstone, Paul Oakenfold (with his other project), Andy Moor, Matt Hardwick, DJ Amadeus, Manuel le Saux, Deepsky, Matt Darey and many other great DJs worldwide.

Today, Eugene has quite a few releases on various labels worldwide, and is continuing to learn and perfect his skills in producing quality electronic sound for the people who enjoy his style of music.

Singles (Released):
Hypnotic State - Evolve (2006) [Abstraction Records]
Renov8 - Electrified Passion (2006) [Abstraction Records]
Renov8 - Frozen Destiny (2006) [Abstraction Records]
Renov8 pres. Tricker - Essence of Life (2007) [Abstraction Records]
Renov8 pres. Tricker - Inertia (2007) [Abstraction Records]
Renov8 & DJ Anna Lee - Love In Rhythm (2007) [Abstraction Records]
Renov8 - Observing Nature (2007) [Emotive Vibes]

Singles (TBA):
Renov8 - Dream (2008) [RealMusic Recordings]

Remixes (Released):
DJ Cobra - M.O.N.I (Zheka Uplifting Mix) (2006) [CAPP Records USA]
Renov8 pres. Tricker - Essence of Life (Renov8 Remix) (2007) [Abstraction Records]
Euphorik pres. Winbreaker - Polaris (Renov8 Remix) (2007) [Abstraction Records]
Aquile & TB - Progressive Range (Renov8 Uplifting Mix) (2007) [Emotive Vibes]
R.E.N.O.I.S.E - Strange World (Renov8 Bangin Mix) (2007) [Abstraction Records]

Remixes (TBA):
Orange - Sudden Fall (Renov8 Uplifting Mix) (2007) [Abstraction Records]
Euphorik - Three Days In Tallinn (Renov8 Moody Remix) (2008) [Abstraction Deep]

MySpace.com - Renov8 - - Trance / Progressive - www.myspace.com/renov8music

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Just us aye??? How are ya today?Liking the set so far :)

Ah! I see the prog show at the other channel :lol:


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I absolutely adore this track!!!!


good start. i am in trance now.

nice show so far!
Oh So Good!

yea, i'm loving this music too. thanks.
Steve in Sunny Florida
this is great so far :dancing:
i am flying with this track. :choonalert:

hello AD4E. welcome to the forums. :music:







love this ec t4e - so artistically talented, you are :hug:

Did you seen that post other other night where I concat this with your other and my "SMOKIN'!!" trademark? Seemed appropriate at the time cuz that set was just totally off the hook!!:grinning: