22-06-2007 Infrasonic Sessions 001 @ Afterhours.fm Debut show this friday

Thanx for the kind words and support.

Great meeting you to, roll on next month.

have a great w end :)

Woot woot can't wait to hear som'more!! :joy:

I'm definitively a fan of this show: super:

aww man i missed it... lmao at all the smilies... i see you updated your sig also! : lolz:: lollypop:

Sometimes i wonder from where she gets all of 'em, 'cause i can't find them on the forum. :lmao:

hey guys, thanks for listening, love the posts, its great see such enthusiam, its realy is great :) Makes it all worth it. Cant wait for the next show.

Welcome hun, the pleasure was all ours (believe me!) !!

Hope to hear more from you too!! :eek:hjoy: