22-10-2010 Abstraction Records pres. Star Traffic 033 with ISTAR Project

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Lineup is pretty good for tonight:
- Markus Schulz
- Sander van Doorn
- James Zabiela
- Chief_MC
- Denis Dynamite
- Spartaque

So I should just make sure not to fall into :beer2: too early :)

When you :beer2: and :dance: you'll :bumpit::bumpit::bumpit: all night without :drunk:

1.Super8 & Tab Feat. Jan Burton - Empire (Mike Shiver's Garden State Mix)
2.Snatt & Vix vs. In Progress - Sunride (Ronski Speed Remix)
3.Jon O'Bir - Come Alive (Original Mix)
4.Icone - Lightspeed
5.Istar Project And Di - Curtain Call (Progressiver Dream Mix)
6.Icone - Andromeda
7.Istar Project - Kiss FM anthem (Serge d remix)
8.Daniel Seacroft - As Time Gets Longer (Feat. Kimberly Hale)
9.Mike Shiver Vs. Fandy Ft. David Call - Wasting Time (Timo Juuti Remix)