22-11-2007 Twister - Transmigration 020 with Hensha guestmix

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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Shy-Bee, was born in Gdansk in 1988. He was interested in music through his education in Primary School, and later on he felt the magic of the music. He got to know electronic music when he recieved a Blank & Jones' CD. Cosmic Gate, Paul Oakenfold and others were next. The CD's collection was growing and growing, and Shy-Bee was getting addicted to it. In 2002, a year which was decisive for his career, he started to work on his own, which was a very good move. Started to play in small clubs, getting some important experience to move into bigger ones. He started to work with famous clubs, the public started to fell in love with his sets. In his Secondary School he met a lot of people from Wielkopolska, which were in the DJ's world - they have called Shy-Bee as a good potencial and gave him a chance to play in DVS Radio. He was there for a year, planning his next steps in the career. In 2005 he took a decission - it is the time to start something individual. Started to make some demos on various trackers and on professional music software. That is the way how Truth of Silence, Shy-Bee's first son has been made, which has been praised by Leon Boiler, Thomas Bronzwaer and Vision84(Poland). In the close future he will put out another songs, which will make whole album.​
and I come back here to hear what You change in Transmigration during last 9 epizodes, when I can't listen this show. I hope it will be massive show ... Regards and respect for my friend
Yeah I stay here because I hear massive beat from my headphones :) Nice start ... keep it
i know shy-bee from real life and he is nice :) i wish him good luck!
A bit late,but tuned now..:music::music:

Hello everyone!!!:hug::hug:
and We've got light version of trance eeee give more massive beat :D
Very good set so far....:super::super::super:
You have me and I have ears which need the power of the beat ... :)
but I can say thank You for this track :D