23-01-2007 Bee Bee - State Of JorDance 012

You get an A+ for bringing one of my favorite tracks of 2005 back "new harvest"! :D
giuseppe ottaviani -- through your eyes (thomas bronzwaer remix)

have to say - cool mix

Good job, BEE BEE! You rox !!! :ah:

Thank you so much mate ... Glad you enjoyed it .

Cheers :itsme:
Thank you after hours for tunning in ... See you next episode ,,,

love & respect

nighty :)
:biggrin:wow,what a trip and what a great 2 hours I spent here listening to this show,Bee Bee thank you so very much for playing this awesome 12th Episode,I am so glad I have been able to catch your show tonight,like Magik said choonage all the way and awesome mixing as always,

9- Above & Beyond -- Good For Me (Thomas Datt Remix)
18- giuseppe ottaviani -- through your eyes (thomas bronzwaer remix)[/i]
absolute beauties-songs

thank you! :respect: big bows and xo's

nite everyone peoples,ciao
It was about your yearmix in one hour you've packed over 50 titles - amazing! How did you make it?

I used Ableton. I will PM you a link to the download of the mix.

GREAT SET Bee Bee. :) Can't wait for your next one.