23-01-2010 Bryan Kearney - Kearnage

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:wow: :wow: :wow:
Please what's the name of this style? Tech trance?

Very much techno at the moment. Funky/hard stuff. The kind of stuff Valentino Kanzyani used to play but now is being carried by the likes of Raul Mezcolanza, Reaky, Peppelino, AKA Carl, DJ Cristiao, Odesa Sound Freaks, Kali and various others.
good evening everyone:beer2:
this is real ch00nage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :dance: :dance: :dance:
Sounding great :)
6) Odessa Soundfreaks vs CLS - Ready Or Feel It (Bryan Kearney SMASH-UP) - CDR
Trance + Tech = Bryan Kearny Sound ! :super::bravo::super:
:w00t: Serious choonage :driver:
145 BPM ???!?! Hooly Dooly Shit :D
What is BPM Now :super::music::mask:
Reaky FTW! :mml:
Banging :bounce:
daaaaamnnnnn! i hope i didnt miss too much...cuz this is sounding gooooooood :bounce: