23-03-2008 Emotional Horizons - Offshore Drive

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hi mate,

great that you could tune in!

hope you will like tonight's show!:)

:grinning: :hug:
Emotional Horizons, boww!, Faustus, Smithers+, t4e+, Psytronic+, ollie, BrendenL, KaScH, SadYear, In Love With Trance+, '007' Light Sequence+ (calling) :super:
heeeeeeere we gooooo :mml: :mml: :mml:

chooooooooon :choon: :choon: :choon:

:mml: trick is to have it's own ' hallmark ' as a DJ I guess .. .. .. by selecting :love: tracks creating a desired :love: atmosphere .. .. .. :music:
:dancing: :dancing: :dancing:
This tune has such a nice flow! :wub:
beautiful set so far :mml:
A dub mix would do miracles :mask:
Well... where did everyone go? :unsure: