23-08-2008 Robbie Schwan - In Trance We Trust 096

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Robbie Schwan
* thanks 4 a great set again, Robbie Schwan ! *

Hello Everybdy!!!

And this is an AMAZING set that we are listening to!!!!!

I want a replay!!!!

:wow: óver ! :|​

getting me a drink 1st now .. .. .. :)
nice set indeed ! getting my 8th beer now ;) forgive me for typos ! greetz from Otto, Holland
realy a great set!!!

would be great if you could post the playlist.... i am searching for a track that you played at the end that was awesome!!
Hi guys, sorry again for not being here. Seems like an on-going trend lately but I've been quite busy. Anyways, heres the tracklist for this set, thanks for all the wonderful feedback, im glad everyone enjoyed it.

Track List:

01. Mikael Sjoberg - Lost Time (Original Mix) [Daif Records]
02. Fa Kin Su Pah - Big Chiefs Herbs (Sequentia's Late At Night Remix) [Fraction]
03. Sean Tyas & Simon Patterson - Somethings Up (Original Mix) [Reset Records]
04. Addex - Feeling In Rain (Original Mix) [Bittersweet]
05. Walsh & McAuley - Dam Square (Original Mix) [Bittersweet]
06. Signum - Any Given Moment (Original Mix) [ASOT]
07. Simon Patterson - Us (Original Mix) [Reset Records]
08. A.M.R. - Beach Sunset (Original Mix) [Enhanced Limited]
09. Hokkaido - Summer Wind (Original Mix) [Silk Digital Records]
10. Kuffdam & Plant - Summer Dream (Paul Van Dyk Remix) [Vandit]

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