23-10-2008 ADE - Solarize Night

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Looking forward to hearing Will Holland. he will play trance. But the others not so sure. No doubt lots of film sound track and slowish dark beats and stuff to come if the previous days show is anything to go by. I know lots of people love it. Its not my style really especially spread over several hours. But its free and I can hardly complain at that so will give it a listen:grinning:
Damn....this is tonight :) I was past to fast :) hahaha :D I hope that Leon play Dust In The Wind :)
Indeed :) I wish that I there :( ..well...Radio is good to :)
Can anyone tell when is start in CET time :)
not attending this one! :)

yeap is CET bro!
That begins already ¡¡¡¡
:super: :music: :super:
it starts at 10 o'clock GMT I think. Comeca as 10 horas da noite GMT

First post:)
:grinning:thanks :hug:
I've been a dedicated listener for 2 weeks but last night just blew my mind.. ARMADA NIGHT:choon::choon::choon::music::music::music:

So now I'm registering into this great community.:grinning: