23-11-2007 Abstraction Deep - Deep Sessions with DJ Eric Flash 016

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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Abstraction Deep pres. Deep Sessions

DJ Eric Flash (Russia)



To find out more about this event or to submit a track to be featured in the show, log on to Abstraction Deep at http://www.abstractiondeep.com

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Nice sounds :)
What remix of Fly To Colors is this?
yeah, pretty quiet here. :smile1:

Show is alright so far, at least one thing is great is absence of tedious MOT tracks. Pretty prominent show.
2 Eric Flash,
в смысле, норм сет, говорю. :)
По крайней мере нет заезжанных треков, подборка специфична. Выделяется на фоне других шоу близнецов.
yes the abstraction shows are usually playing fresh tunes
thx! btw today Evgeny Bardyuzha guestmix in Deep Sessions))
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yes the abstraction shows are usually playing fresh tunes

Fresh tunes don't actaully guarantee great show. I gather that great show is the show you really work on. It may contain even old tunes, that doesn't matter much. To me, the main criteria for great show is full-fledged musical form preserved throughout the whole set. When DJ makes a set out of the tracks he has in front of his eyes and calls oneself a DJ, it's just no use. There are like 80% of all shows like this at the moment, they are boring and nothing special as the show ends being special when there appears another similar show.
Eric, are you gonna discover the tracklist mystery for us? :)
well... its last tune)

1.Shifted Reality-Fuerte
2.Ohmna-I'm Lost
3.Jay Lumen-Circulation
4.Markus Shultz-Fly To Colours (Signalrunners remix)
5.Evgeny Bardyuzha-Cyberaddict
7.Affective-Rythm Identification
8.Vadim Zhukov-Dream's Come True

big thx to Evgeny for nice guesttmix and to evryone who tuned in!
Hi Tomek, and btw forgot to say hi to magik

wasn't here for the like two weeks. Still having a rest from Polonia, UK and Italy... tha' was too tough. :)
Yeah, that was pretty nice set. And since I've been in good mood, I give you 'massive' voice.
Don't relax though, keep working. :)