23-12-2007 Duderstadt - Electronic Eavesdropping 009 Best Of 2007

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King of My Castle :p Mmmmmmm
Ajjj Next Event -Godskitchen Poland with Sander van Doorn :)
hale bopp, wow \o/
ok,i´m leaving now,see you all later, it was an awesome day, so much crazy tunes and really cool sets:super:
I don't like sander van doorn

it is not my style :p :p :p

but he is good producent
i don't like lamb.. thay can't do it here properly.. it stinks.. and it's too rare.. no salt.. yuckie.. ;/ :mask:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Sander :love:

my song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :choonalert::choonalert::choonalert:

ooh...you have to taste mine...seasoned and roasted in wine :)