23-12-2007 Titu - Melting Point

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I close my eyes and know you're there :love:.....:dancing:
1. Mango - Encanta (Original Mix) [Neuroscience Deep]
2. Hiroshi Watanabe - Point Of Life (Mikael Delta Remix) [Klik records]
3. Snake Sedrick - Border (Michael & Levan remix) [Tilth]
4. Lank - Being Defenceless (Snake Sedrick Remix) [Black Hole recordings]
5. Guy J - Boxing Day (Max Demands Remix) [Proton music]
6. Mapiu and Oscar Colin - Fusion Perfecta (Distant Fragment Remix) [underground Lessons]
7. James Zabiela - Perseverance (Original Mix)[Renaissance]
8. Probspot - Stalker (Fine Taste Remix) [Curvve]
9. Andrew Bennett & Rico Soarez - Precious [Armada music]
10. Above & Beyond - Home (Tonys Deep Remix) [Anjunabeats]
thx for listening mates!....thank you verymuch for sharing this hour with me!
Wow Titu, amazing tracklist! I'm so sorry for not being there while your show was broadcasted but I had a very very bad Sunday... I'll be sure to download it and listen to it!!
Cheers mate :)

10. Above & Beyond - Home (Tonys Deep Remix) [Anjunabeats]

ehehh, my track :choonalert:

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hahaha...hey Deepppppppp welcome to this forum bro!

You're right...you made me relisten this amazing remix by Tonys Deep...it's unique...and well...you're unique too! Keep the good work up!, as usual. Cheers mate, we talk by MSN hahaha...and we'll make Booooooooooooom!