24-03-2008 Peteerson - Trance Up Your Life 030

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works fine here. not a single interruption.:grinning:

.. and the tune right now is not my cup of tea :p

i would drink a cup of coffee now, but i am about to go out home, so i drink after:)
Nice set from Peteerson :mml:
hello all!! :grinning: :hug:

HI toma:grinning:

Awesome, never been better! :lol: Cos I've just got an offer from a label for my vocals! Will start my first project with them next week!

Aww.. *dances with david* :dancing::dancing:


*jddavid86 continues dancing with celt*

hey vicky..just got your next mashup :wow:

Great work again. I dropped the cafe del armed ion my last set :grinning: