24-04-2007 Bee Bee - State Of JorDance 018

I just love any bit of BEE BEE sets,brill beat,brill tracks,brill mixing..brill everything ;)
actually can make do with the brilliant beating track - awesome
and the beat goes on and on and on - brill stuff
we must be on 14 or 15 by now - surely?

stop calling me Shirley
I was close up to 16 now - brill as ever - great handling
absolute brilliant music - rack it up -
sonicvibe & mike shiver -- lunation (original mix) this is massive choon,excellent ! \o/
awesome music - my type of beat - awesome work - love it a lot
and Mike Shiver unbelievable
listen to that beat we dont need a track just listen to the beat
eventually - no rush - I've got loads of time
Aly & Fila Presents A & F Project -- Uraeus (Frase Remix)
aweeee...my friend Dave would say "awesmazing" awesome+amazing and so this track is :biggrin:
now we are in it - great stuff - really excellent track
back to the great beat - cant fault you
just noticed the clock - we are waiting out - aren't we?
Torrent - will remember that title - great great beat
awesome music - brill - echo echo - love it