25-03-2007 Miric - Infinite Groove 14


Jul 17, 2006
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1 hour of hot and fresh tunes of house and electro for your pleasure! Stay chooned!

Tracklisting during the show

01. Lorenzo - Get Deep
02. John Dahlback - Blink
03. Noferini - Sex (Tom Novy's Groovin Bassline)
04. Arno Cost & Arias - Magenta (Dave Spoon Remix)
05. Roman Salzger - Lollipop Machine
06. Nelly Furtado - Say It Right (Menage Music Remix)
07. Yanou Feat. Liz - King of My Castle (Mondo Remix)
08. Tiesto - In The Dark (Dirty South Remix)
09. Tyler Michaud feat. Marcie - Dirty Girl
10. Funk Harmony Park - The Winner (Martin H Sumplus Remix)
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Count me IN
hello Miric and Vicky and evryone I am tuned in,and quite honestly I can't focus on anything else but these sounds right now,very relaxing and sweet!
go Miric
Hi Stella, im very glad your enjoying it keep enjoying ;) it will get better and better
Nice flow .. im really enjoyed it ... CASTLE !! Gives me energy to prepare mine for wednesday haha !
last one 10. Funk Harmony Park - The Winner (Martin H Sumplus Remix)
Funky stuff Mr Miric!

enjoyed the show again :)
Thanks millions and big bows for playing this show,greatly enjoyed! :smile:
:replay: of course deserves a replay and I hope to catch it too!
bravo,ciao ;)
Thank you guys so much! Very glad you enjoyed it! Catch you guys next show! ;)

Peace be upon you all!
I forgot to tell about this song John Dahlback - Blink it's awesome vocal track,love it
ciao Miric