25-04-2007 DUDERSTADT Presents Electronic Eavesdropping 001

I should turn off/shut down the entire world when I listen to shows....turn off phones,close doors, kick away peoples and so on lol...:biggrin: so I would enjoy better and id'ing better :D
Yeah, me too. :)

For instance, someone just came into my office for 30 seconds, and in that time, the set changed... if I hadn't heard the voice over (Revel's Radio Show), I'd still be sitting in this thread confused that none of the tracks sound like What You Need.
let's do it,the global shut-down,when the show will be replayed ;-)
Electronic Eavesdropping 001

1) Sebastian Leger Saturn White
2) Lustral Many Years From Now (D-Nox & Beckers Rmx) Baroque
3) Tiesto feat. Julie Thompson Do You Feel Me Blackhole
4) Mandala Bros Sleepwalking (Duderstadt Uplifting Dub) Mandala Beats
5) Lemon & Einar K Autumn Radicals Flashover
6) Duderstadt/Above & Beyond Can´t Smile (Daniel Kandi Bootleg) Cd-R
7) Yahel Devotion (Armin van Buuren Remix) White
8) Lemon & Einar K Hope Flashover
9) Signum Syndicate A State Of Trance
10) DT8 Hold Me Till The End (Ronski Speed/Stoneface & Terminal Dub) Mondo
11) Stoneface vs Terminal Supernature (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) Euphonic
12) Nic Chagall What You Need (Hard Dub Part1) High Contrast
13) Nic Chagall What You Need (Original) High Contrast
14) Nic Chagall What You Need (Hard Dub Part2) High Contrast
"These Shadows Hide Your Deepest Fears If Only You Knew I Was Here. You’re Safe And Sound Beneath My Gaze You Have No Need To Be Afraid, Im Here, Everywhere. On The Summer Breeze, Somehow Sinking Softly Into You. Hear The Whispering, Always There No Matter What You Do. I Can’t Stop Falling When My Heart Comes Calling. Do You Feel Me? Warming You Like Rays Of Golden Light? "
6) Duderstadt/Above & Beyond Can´t Smile (Daniel Kandi Bootleg) Cd-R

This is one of the best tracks in the set! \o/
8) Lemon & Einar K Hope Flashover

This track has way more than the usual quota of nice...

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Aww man, it got cut off.

Oh well, off to listen to Sentence Sessions, which have a great intro track...