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25-07-2008 Marcel Woods @ AH.FM July 2008

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Jul 27, 2007
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Marcel Woods @ AH.FM


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Me only heard Marcel live a few times yet :eek:
Nice start, only bed is calling me, need to get up early tomorow :p Intuition!

AH.FM - the best in rock, electro and techno
oh forgot you like metallica:)

what i meant was if this continues someone will mix up metallica with EDM
then the band would destroy whoever made it
kinda funny
i havent even tuned in yet
sum dark psy right now
metallica took a nosedive after cliff burton died...:wow:

this rocks! heavy tech! keep it going marcel! :grinning:
they were ok a bit after tht
but ya, not as gud. deffo not now with the new tracks but they still play the old stuff perfectly