25-07-2008 Mike Foyle - Bolted 006

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mmmm 3rd rock/pop remix/bootleg in a row... is that a good thing?
i was on the wrong stream
crap, tht wasnt ninja like
actually mayb it was, my heightened senses prevented me from listening 2 this stuff
next up will probably be that celine dion bootleg :p
not for me, i personally don't like mix of rock with EDM, it stinks:p:p:p

I'm trance fan, and i'm also a rock (alternative, emo, post hardcore) fan :D
i am tired of ppl trying to mash-up/remix crappy pop songs with trance...in the end..i just sux..:yikes:

*reads own signature :mask:
well, it's almost celine ... :|