25-08-2013 Tiddey - Trance Waves 045

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Jul 27, 2007
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Discography at Discogs :book:
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Real Name: Dariusz Płaza

Genres: Electronica / Progressive / Trance
Profile: DJ and Producer


Tracklist: pending


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here we gó but tracklist not uploaded :book:

"We wake up late and party way too soon.
We spend our days just waiting for the moon.
This is the way of life I'm feeling.
This is the Lazy Life we're living.
Wake up tomorrow and do it again."

:: Blank & Jones feat. Jason Caesar - Lazy Life (ID Re?:crazy: Mix) ::

Jason Caesar
Jason Caesar
Discography at Discogs :book:
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Genres: Acoestic / R & B / Soul
Profile: Singer / Songwriter

Location: Georgia, USA

Blank & Jones With Jason Caesar - Lazy Life (7xFile, MP3) at Discogs


Blank & Jones With Jason Caesar - Lazy Life

Label: Soundcolours
Catalog#: SC 0116
Format: 7 x File, MP3
Country: Germany
Released: 24 Jul 2009
Genre: Electronic, Funk / Soul
Style: House
:book: New single Lazy Life coming soon (D - ENG) - Blank + Jones's MySpace Blog |

:dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :clap: :super: :dancing:

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Oh damn offcorse this is not Aruna :p :) my bad ;)
oh i mean good evening not going to sleep yet :) did i wrote that wrong? :unsure:

:smile: A funny difference between Anglo-Saxons and the Dutch: in NL the saying simply expresses the very message, without the intention to say goodbye + :sleeping: :)
[h=1]First State ft. Sarah Howells Brave Original ?[/h]
Some classics over here now :music::music:

To bad the tracklist is not uploaded...