25-10-2010 Leon Bolier - StreamLined 037

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01. Danny Alpha - Numb3r5 [Soho Music Movement]
02. Wolfgang Gartner & Francis Preve - Yang (Original Club Mix) [Toolroom Records]
03. Piatto - MC202 [italo Business]
04. Leon Bolier - Creek [Streamlined]
05. Alan Fitzpatrick - Involve [Bedrock]
06. Christian Smith - System of Survival (Dub) [Bedrock]
07. Tom Colontonio - Palladium [Streamlined]
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Bienvenido Argentina!

jaa ga nogal!! hij gaf me ook echt zo'n smerige zuignap zoen op mijn wang gewoon.. je moet zeggen dattie zich voortaan beter moet gedragen hoor haha
Ach met al die gratis drank kan je gewoon geen nee zeggen ;)

(You can't say no to all those free drinks)
Too bad I wasn't at the 'Into Trance' event at ADE.
Was it a good party? (I Guess it was, looking at the line-up)
He asked where i came from, and if i knew Galen Behr.. and suddenly i got that hug