26-02-2008 Sebastian Brandt - Blank Point 006

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choooooon coming:choonalert::choon::choonalert::choon:

hello deadly, so long no see you:hug::hug::hug:

hey mate!! good to see you again!! yeah its cuz i have exams this week at school, so i have been super busy preparing for them :mask::hug::hug:
i´m just taking a BREAK right now, been cleaning my appartement :yucky:

and now great of course cuz Sweden is in the air this evening :super:

I know what u mean hun. :grinning: But cleaning is twice the fun when u got trance in ur ears :music:; especially if its live from Sweden! :clap: :clap: :dancing:
Hello AHddicts!!! :hug:

:super: :mml: :choon: