26-03-2008 Manuel Le Saux - Extrema 082

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cooooollllllllllllllllllll doooodddddddd whats up hun!!!! :hug::hug:


I´ve been sooo busy lately...:cry:

But now I´m here, with happy tears for this massive choon!!!:super::super:

And you,sweety??:hug:
SO floaty! I almost couldn't hear the beat anymore :LMAO: !
nope, i ate fish at lunch:mask::lol:

how's you?:hug:

im doing good.... you?

btw I have a slight chance that I go to Global Gathering next summer :super:
ya me tooooooo :( but its nice to seeee u with mannys shows againnn!!!!!!!! :hug:

Well, I´m always listening to AH...but not posting much....but Manny is much more important than everything...:super::super: