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26-04-2007 DJ DuneRav0r Presents Trance Mad Sessions 035


May 27, 2006
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26-04-2007 DJ DuneRav0r Presents Trance Mad Sessions 035​


on air now
enjoy! :ah:
didn't think you were going to make it
great start :biggrin:
btw hello Derek and everyone
Hi Stella - nice to see you (well you know what I mean)

great intro track, yes?
Sound is perfect - loads of volume - excellent stuff
choon good for a sing-along now,great show so far :)
every track so far has been great - what a great set
Well thats a hell of a great set to start the evening off with.
good english that as well.
Excellent track selection and perfect sound, my type of brill beat
and a set to be proud of.
Thanks for all your hard work.

must add it would have been even greater if a track list could have been
fed in a bit at a time, of as I would love the t/l before the show, can never
see why there is so much secrecy with a t/l.

just one of my little points I bring up sometimes.

great show from DuneRav0r,excellent job,thanks very much for playing it
cheers :)