26-05-2007 Passenger 75 pres. Bathroom Stories #05 Guestmix: Moonforce


Nov 29, 2006
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====== Bathroom Stories Episode 5 ======

Passenger 75 meets Moonforce

hey guys,got to tell you again some bad news, Aly & Fila should have done the guestmix today, but they canceled and will do it in some other episode. so today we got a pre-guestmix by moonforce.

let me give you some infos about him:

In 1981 MoonForce was born in a town on the northeastern coast of Germany called Greifswald.
Like most artists MoonForce was exposed to music at an early age.
At the merge age of 5 he started taking violin lessons followed by rhythm lessons in which he learned essence of percussion and beats.
As a young boy MoonForce would listen to a song and be able to reproduce the melody on his keyboard.

This interest lead him to play the piano. His pieces were mostly classical, but the desire to play his own composition he was forced to look elsewhere.

Enter Impulse Tracker.
Initially being introduced to it by a friend, MoonForce finally had the freedom to write his own tracks. Although Impulse Tracker was never meant to be a professional sequencing tool, he was still able to write quality trance tracks with the nifty DOS-based program.

Then in February of 2001 he turned to a software called REASON from Propellerheads, in which he was quick to realize its potential.
The sky was the limit and with his newfound passion for Reason, MoonForce released his first few tracks on Reasonstation, a website dedicated to the Reason community. Having his tracks available to the public was a way for him receive instant feedback. MoonForce's tracks were a hit and were rated highly amongst the Reason community and it did not take long for the public to acknowledge MoonForce's talents.


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wow impressive tune, whats that???

:heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:
the one before this currently playing (motorcycle)

edit: hmm i will see in playlist lol, will wait till the end of that set, very afterhourish, really diggin it :love:
thoroughly enjoying this set. very lovely! thank you
maaan, this is makin me dancing for minutes now lol and in few mins its over :(

uve got a new fan hehe :p

thanx for the sets, enjoyed very much
enjoying here too :)
thanks for listen :) here's the setlist:

Passenger 75:

01.Sassot-Where it all begun
03.Albert Vorne-Ares (Mac Zimms RMX)
04.Leon Bolier feat. Elsa Hill - No need to come back
05.Parker & Hanson - Let me be (Mike Koglin Remix)
06.Fictivison VS C Quence - Symbols (Kimito Lopez Remix)
07.Simon Patterson - Strip Search
08.Solar Stone VS Scott Bond - Redline Highway


01] Sarah McLachlan - Fear (Hybrids Super Colliders Mix)
02] Quivver - Brothers and Sisters
03] Tiesto - In The Dark (Dirty South Remix)
04] Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes (Allende Remix)
05] MoonForce - Pacific Moon
06] Motorcycle - Deep Breath
07] Jose Amnesia - Louder
08] Cold Blue - Oasis
09] Arksun - Arisen
10] Frank Savio - Central State (Maori Remix)
On replay now:

06] Motorcycle - Deep Breath
07] Jose Amnesia - Louder
08] Cold Blue - Oasis
08] Cold Blue - Oasis
09] Arksun - Arisen
10] Frank Savio - Central State (Maori Remix)