26-05-2007 Sacha Presents X-Ray Session AH#08

sound is massive and brillant indeed,tracks and mixing excellent
10/10 show Sacha

Sacha said:
Welcome in Hell whit Sacha!
hell of a show of course...well this is one of the best hells I got I will make sure to come again for next show ;)
masakraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa człowieku wylacz tooooo !!!! zaraz zzawału dostane :D
Stella Me and You Hheheh !
Thx !!! for Ranking 10/10 show Sacha
Srrry For Error My comp Destoyed!!!
i dont heer this Bug ! :(

Deck and Mixer is Ok !!!

THX all For comments and Tuned in ! See you in Next Show ! and POLONIA 3
thanks for playing the show Sacha,looking forward to hear next show and I will tune in for Polonia in da mix too
ciao ciao :)
to bad i missed it :( hope will be a replay...<touches the screen>