26-08-2012 Veselin Tasev - Digital Trance World 238

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lovely tune...
862 Listeners ~ Veselin Tasev - Digital Trance World 238 on AH.FM

01. Suncatcher - Welcome Home (Original Mix)

Enhanced Music Limited
Enhanced Music Limited
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Genres: Electronica / Progressive / Trance
Profile: Label Group, founded in the summer of 2008 by Will Holland (2).

Sublabels: Air Up There Recordings, Always Alive Recordings, Digital Society Recordings, Enhanced Black, Enhanced Digital, Enhanced Limited, Enhanced Progressive, Enhanced Recordings

Contact Info:

Enhanced Music Limited
PO Box 629
United Kingdom

E-mail: info@enhancedrecordings.com


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really fine sound...
a mental tune ! , awesome would be an understatement
words cant define great music
Nice & trancy:megacrazy:
Miroslav Vrlik!