26-10-2010 Fast Distance - Fast Distance Radio 044

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Tuned. :dancing:
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you're right - and we're always back :dance: :dance: :loveah:

:dance: Sounds like Shah to me now :bravo:

Roger Shah
Roger Shah
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Real Name: Roger-Pierre Shah

Profile: German Trance DJ & Producer.
Founded the label Shah-Music with his brother Patrick Shah, aka Pedro Del Mar

Aliases: Airforce One, Audion Project, The, Balearic Session, DJ Shah, DJ Tekkie, Endless Blue (2), High Noon At Salinas, L.J. Miguel, Magic Island, Magic Wave, Paralyser, Pasha, San Antonio Harbour, Savannah (7), SMP (2), Sunlounger, Triballa

In Groups: 3 Years - 3 days, Black Pearl (4), Bonito & Riccardo, Chris & Shah, Coastline (2), Dance United, E-Connection, El Cortez, Epos, F.O.G., The, Global Experience, Growlers, The, Marshah, Mellomaniacs, Nisha (2), North Dakota, Pasha Bros., Purple Mood, S2 (2), Samara (3), Shadi-Men, Shah Ltd., Sonic Ocean, Source, The (3), Terra V., Transit (3)


:megacrazy::megacrazy::megacrazy::megacrazy: Woooo is Cool :megacrazy::megacrazy::megacrazy::megacrazy::megacrazy:
Balearic Sounds + waves ... cool !

Samona Bay :love: aaaaaaah :)

:: Fast Distance pres. Suncoast - Samona Bay ::

Fast Distance
Fast Distance
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Real Name: Franz Hlusek

Profile: Trance project composed solely of Belgian producer Franz Hlusek aka Arpegia
Alias: Suncoast

was too busy today to join earlier at the Forum :friends: took me a few hours to finish two letters to two different lawyers :cry: :lol: :)

:dancing: any specific reason to ask for me ? :cap:

well the reason was purely curiosity if everything is good:)
1554 Listeners ~ Fast Distance Radio 044 on AH.FM

well the reason was purely curiosity if everything is good:)

:friends: Well, ' everything ' is a huge container, but I'm healthy and happy ! :grinning: dank je wel :hug: :ee: