27-01-2007 Bee Bee - State Of JorDance 014


Jun 28, 2006
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2nd & 4th Tuesday Monthly

17:00 - 19:00 EST
22:00 - 24:00 GMT
23:00 - 01:00 CET​


1- Jonas Steur -- Back To Basics (Re-Locate Remix)
2- Pro01 -- Moondust 2006 (Paul Mendez And Zero3 Remake)
3- vast vision -- ellipse (miikka leinonen remix)
4- stan void -- Montavo (Original Mix)
5- talla 2xlc -- shine (club mix)
6- static blue -- under the sea (ian betts mix)
7- Above & Beyond -- Stealing Time (Above & Beyond's Deep Club Mix)
8- xtranova -- trance crusader (original mix)
9- Dreas Vs Mike Perry -- Arctic Sweep (Greg Downey Remix)
10- Steve Allen -- Lost Control (original mix)
11- Markus Schulz -- Without You Near (Alex M.o.r.p.h.`s Sacred Light Remix)
12- Tragida pres Simplicity -- Take My Hand (original mix)
13- Sophie Sugar -- Fallen Too Far (original mix)
14- Daniel kandi -- child (original mix)
15- mr sam feat. kirsty hawkshaw -- split (aly & fila club mix)
16- zehavi and rand -- paroxetine (inner and outer remix)
17- 3rd Moon -- DNA (original mix)
18- A State Of Mind -- The Fly Away (Muh & Tjam Mixture)
19- Krzysztof chochlow -- release (original mix)
20- Activa Presents Mekk -- Restless (Dark Dub)

enjoy it :ah:
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progressive? Changing your style Bee Bee? =]
progressive? Changing your style Bee Bee? =]

not really matey ... sometimes i feature progressive tunes here but its trancy end the day :p

Most of my gigs i spin progressive house ... tribal & electro tech house too ... so dont get shocked if you got the chance to see me one day :lolz:

Sorry for the miss understanding matey :love:
Yeah nobody is assigned to the one and only style. I keep on waiting :ah:

I completely agree with you krio

Looking forward to the show BeeBee :love:

It's good if you play different stuff, makes you more diverse and open to more bookings. Good skills Bee Bee.
its Bee Bee time :)
Great Set until now! :ah:

In all styles of EDM there are quality tracks and not so good tracks - Take a listen before judging!:amen: